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There are a lot of reasons I can think of that one might want to bid on a Go Daddy expiring auction more than 7 to 10 days in advance of the end date, and absolutely none of them make sense.

Following is a poll to see if we can get to the bottom of this.

Why Do You Bid So Early On Go Daddy Auctions?

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I’m confident in saying that, conservatively, at least 4 out of 5 domains I like at Go Daddy expired auctions have a bid (and normally just one) when the auction is still 7 to ten days out from ending.

Now if its a very premium name like an LLL.com, or NNNN.com, then maybe I can understand. There is no way these domains will not be discovered on their own, and engender a pile-on from hungry bidders, so it makes little difference.

However, for a nice 2-word .com, or other good quality domains that aren’t always going to be on everyone’s radar, I don’t understand it.

This is a question that has bugged me for some time and I’m just trying to understand. If anyone can enlighten me, please leave your comment below.

The moral of this post is that you should only bid so early when it is one of my domains on auction.  Otherwise, there is just no good reason for it.


Bought on Namejet this past January, the domain Ching.com was resold in Sedo’s GreatDomains auction which closed last Thursday.

While eyeballing a domain at Sedo’s latest monthly GreatDomains auction which closed this past Thursday, another domain, Ching.com caught my eye because I knew I had seen it before in the not too distant past.

Sure enough, that domain was sold at NameJet for $8,112 in early January of this year as part of an exclusive auction that featured many other premium Chinese names.

Unfortunately I got distracted and did not see the final closing price for Ching.com at Sedo’s auction last week, but the last I did see the domain had already passed reserve with a high bid of $11,000.

It may well have sold for more, but to my knowledge the sale has not been officially reported yet by Sedo.

At the least, factoring Sedo’s 15% auction commission, the seller would have netted $9,350, for a profit of $1,238 on his purchase from Namejet.

I will be curious to see if the final sale price matches or whether the domain received more bids in the final hour.  If you happened to catch the close of this auction feel free to share.

This goes to show that its possible to make money buying domains at one venue and reselling them at another where there are a different pool of buyers.


This morning I was going to put in a back order at Namejet for AppDevelopment.org, a domain that I believed to be dropping from the registry today.

When I headed over to Namejet to register the back order, I was surprised to see that there was (and still is) a day left until closing time, indicating that the domain was not dropping until tomorrow.

I assumed that I must have gotten the date wrong myself, when originally adding the domain to my drop list.  So I went back and moved the name over to my list for tomorrow.

Surprisingly, later that morning I received an email notification from Name.com’s Domain Nabber service, where I had already put in a backorder for the same domain a few days ago.  The notification was the stock apology stating they had been unsuccessful in catching the name.

So it turned out that the name actually did drop this morning, and was in fact caught by SnapNames.  I would have normally put in a back order there too, but was dissuaded from doing so once I saw the closing date at Namejet was not until tomorrow.  I automatically presumed that Namejet wouldn’t have been wrong, because these systems are all automated, right?  I should have double checked.

I reached out to Namejet about the issue through a support ticket, and received the following explanation.

The date that we list is the date that we received from the Registry, so we are unsure as to why they released the domain a day early.

At this time, there is nothing that we can do for the domain at this time since the domain has already been acquired, however we will be reaching out to the Registry to see why they provided us the incorrect date.

I looked back at Namejet’s pending delete list which I already had a copy of, and they are correct.  That domain does not appear in their list of deleting domains for today (June 27).

This is odd though, because when I was originally building my list, I was working off data from another drop service, which did have the correct date, and thus why I had it right to begin with.

So I am not sure where along the line this error occurred.  Apparently one service pulled the correct data from PIR (the .org registry), but in the case of Namejet, the domain either did not receive or was not assigned the correct date for some reason.

Have you ever experienced this before with any of the drop services?


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