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2012 Presidential Domains

August 24, 2010

There’s a man called Webster Tarpley.  If you havn’t heard of him before, all you need to know for the purpose of this blog post is that the man is a walking encyclopedia of the world’s socio-political/economic/military-industrial landscape.  I listen to his radio show, World Crisis Radio, on Saturday’s.  It’s really good and Tarpley never fails to fascinate me with the breadth of his knowledge.

This past weekend, while listening, he mentioned something about a General David Petraeus who was recently asked whether he’d run for president in 2012. I followed up on Tarpley’s website, where there was also a video interview of him discussing the same with a news anchor from the English-language Russian news channel RT.

I thought I’d quickly investigate whether anyone had speculated on this presidential run by registering any Petraeus 2012 presidential domains.

To my surprise, not only did I quickly find two such domains registered, but that they have both been registered for nearly 3 years, by different owners, and on nearly the same day.

Domain Name: PETRAEUS2012.COM
Created on…………..: 2007-09-11

Created on: 10-Sep-07

The registrations occurred more than a year before the current president Barack Obama was even elected.  And given their very close proximity of registration date I’d say there must have been something out in the press at that time to hint at the possibility of a presidential bid.

Just for contrast, the domains Palin2012.com was not registered until November of 2009, a full year after the 2008 election.  The domain PresidentPalin.com however was registered as early as August of 2008. (when she first appeared on the vice-presidential scene).

With all of the hype that Palin’s received I was genuinely surprised by the earlier registration dates of Petraeus, not having heard the name before.

That’s all I have right now. I think that either those who speculate on these types of domains are really on the ball, or perhaps even that the machinery of the political stage is such that it is already set into motion long before the curtain is ever drawn to the public.  Maybe it is a combination.


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