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311 Singer Nick Hexum Understands Domain Names

April 29, 2010

… Or at least it would seem that way.

Nick Hexum, guitarist and lead singer for the world-renowned rock band 311 owns the domain name MelodyKey.com. Its no surprise though, as he also owns his own private island of the same name – Melody Key – on the Floriday Keys.

Melody Key

Melody Key

What I did find surprising though, is that Nick also owns the generic keyword domain name PrivateIsland.net to go along with it.

Nicholas Hexum
care of Network Solutions
PO Box 459
Drums, PA. US 18222

PrivateIsland.net currently ranks at result #22 on the 3rd page of Google for the search term Private Island. The exact keyword phrase private island receives over 8,000 monthly searches via Google, and over 74,000 long-tail “phrase match” searches.

If Mr. Hexum only had a better understanding of on-page optimization and link-building (or the wherewithal to hire someone who does) he could get PrivateIsland.net ranked onto the first page of search results with relative ease to capture the lion’s share of that search volume, and have no trouble at all renting out his private island all year long.

Oh, did I mention, Melody Key can be rented out for weeks at a time? Go have a look at Nick’s private island and get a glimpse of some breathtaking photos that will entice you to want to get away for a week’s vacation at this secluded piece of tropical paradise. Or simply take a virtual video tour ….


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