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888.asia Reaches $2,427 at Namejet with 22 Hours To Go

May 7, 2014

dot asiaIn case you weren’t aware, Namejet has a featured auction running for a plethora of 3-number .Asia domains.

The names were opened for pre-bidding several weeks ago, and the private auctions are now all officially under way.

888 is considered a luck number in Chinese culture.

According to this Chinese Lucky Number Cheat Sheet for Domainers, “the number ‘8’ sounds like the Chinese word for prosperity/profit”, so the combination ‘888’ means pure or triple prosperity.

There are of course some notable ‘888’ domain sales in the public record, including 888.mx ($10,000), 888.be ($16,027), and 888.de ($18,133).

Typically bidding reaches a crescendo within the final hours and minutes of an auction, so we’re bound to see this domain go for more.

How high do you think the bidding will reach for 888.asia?

(p.s. I think I’m learning how bloggers are able to pump out so much fresh content on a day to day basis.  I’ve struggled with this in the past and is perhaps one of the reasons I was never able to get traction in my writing.  In the past I’ve labored over weaving together more or less intricate tales of domainerland, but in contrast, these last two posts are essentially stream-of-consciousness and were both written in under half an hour.  I’m not sure what is best – maybe a combination?).

(p.p.s. – This whole Doogie Houser-esque personal insights thing at the end of each blog post could become my new trademark.  Who knows.  Wishing you all a prosperous day.)

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