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A Kernal of Data on Afternic (Keyword)Marketing.com Domain Sales

December 11, 2012

I’m currently testing out a new file syncing service called AeroFS to keep files synced between my laptop, desktop and other devices.

In the process of getting set up, reorganizing my file structure and ‘clearing out the clutter’, I’ve been combing through a lot of orphaned files including old keyword and domain market research.  Although I’m just getting started, I suspect I have possibly hundreds of such text files, spreadsheets, and other documents floating around.

Here’s one I came across and thought could be of some interest to readers …

I own or owned a few KeywordMarketing.com domains, and at some point I looked at what similar domains had sold for on domain aftermarket venues.

I looked at a very specific subset of all ‘marketing’ .com domains.  Those I chose to include were only those that consisted of no more than two words, ended in the word Marketing, and began with either, a) a single keyword domain that was ‘brandable’ only (so, excluding generic business category terms like ‘health’, ‘financial’, etc.) and b) LLMarketing.com domains (beginning with any two random letters)

It turns out all but one such sale I encountered occurred through Afternic, and it looks like their sweet spot for these type of domains is between $2k – $3k.  Thirteen of fifteen sales were transacted in this range.  Of those, there’s a pretty tight cluster in the $2,000 – $2,200 range, accounting for 8 of the 13.

Here’s the list in descending order:

  • UnitedMarketing.com – $4,000
  • ReachMarketing.com – $3,800
  • AhaMarketing.com – $2,950
  • MassiveMarketing.com – $2,600
  • ARMarketing.com – $2,588
  • FocusedMarketing.com – $2,500
  • OnlyMarketing.com – $2,488
  • AltMarketing.com – $2,188 (sold through Sedo)
  • MixMarketing.com – $2,170
  • SkiMarketing.com – $2,100
  • XLMarketing.com – $2,100
  • InterMarketing.com – $2,100
  • XPressMarketing.com – $2,088
  • EffectMarketing.com – $2,000
  • OPMarketing.com – $2,000
  • ProfitMarketing.com – $2,000

It looks like this data was compiled for sales which occurred prior to May 2011 and the sales were pulled from DNSalePrice. I’m sure other similar publicly reported sales have occurred since then.

I suppose this reveals a part of the process I’ve used in the past when looking at comparable sales to help valuate a domain name.  Here I’ve gone narrow looking for a fairly defined subset of keyword types.  However I think its also wise to step back and take a big picture view.

For example, if a seller had priced UnitedMarketing.com in the $2-3k range they would have left a bit of money on the table. In this context I’d consider the term ‘United’ as a more commanding, more meaningful, and more popular prefix than the term ‘Effect’ or ‘Inter’.

Another good example is TotalMarketing.com which is not in this list but sold for $15,000.

Of course, comparable sales are only one of many possible factors one can look at when trying to estimate a domain’s resale value.

If I come across any other domain research from the interesting to the bizarre as I go through my files, I’ll try to post more.   Thanks for reading.

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