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A List of 7-Word Domains That Have Sold

April 27, 2013

domain size

An age old question, does domain size matter?

Common wisdom holds that the shorter the domain, the better.  However there are some examples of very long domains that have sold in the past.

According to the DNSalePrice.com record of publicly listed domain sales, the longest domain names that have ever been reported sold contain 7 words, and there are four such sales on the books.

DNSalePrice also shows twenty-four 6-word domain sales on file. There is no record of any 8-word domains ever having sold.

If you know of any, or have sold a domain greater than 7 words, feel free to comment below.

Here is the list:

Domain | Sale Price | Date | Venue

ApartmentsForRentInNewYorkCity.com | $3,786 | Jan ’12 | Sedo

HowToMakeYourHairGrowFaster.com | $2,800 | Dec ’11 | Sedo

WhateverHappensInVegasStaysInVegas.com | $700 | Feb ’08 | Moniker/Traffic

InSearchOfABrilliantWhiteCloud | $1,000 | Feb ’08 | TDNAM


Here’s the longest domain sale reported by length of characters, at 39.¬† It appears to be a German IDN.

Berufsunf√§higkeitsversicherungvergleich.com | $6,864 | May ’11 | Sedo

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