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A Tribute To DomainGang

July 22, 2011

A  special pictorial tribute to the humor of DomainGang.com and why satire should never go under-appreciated.

Today I bring you a tribute to DomainGang and the graphic artistry of its creator, who you may know as long-time DNForum member Acro.

Domainer Shore - everyone's favorite goombas

For your visual pleasure, this post contains a hand-curated collection of original DomainGang graphic artwork interspersed as thumbnails throughout. Click on any thumbnail to view the full-size image in all its grandeur and majesty(I’ve added my own captions).

DomainGang, if you aren’t aware, is a source of news and commentary for and about domainers and the Domain Industry, delivered in parody similar to The Onion or The Daily Show. The site adds a unique flavor, in both content and style, that was once missing from the giant pot of domain soup we all eat from daily.  It’s safe to say we can no longer imagine a domaining world without DomainGang and its own “Lucius ‘Guns’ Fabrice”.


Some folks in the domaining community though are quite critical of DomainGang for various reasons, chiefly because they either fail to appreciate its humor or they simply don’t understand it’s purpose or motives.  This isn’t a post to attempt to change your mind, for those of you in that camp.  Rather its a simple token of appreciation, and, an opportunity to offer my own personal viewpoint.

A Little Commentary on Satire

It was someone that once said, “Satire is the best weapon … something something ….” or at least I thought that, until I went digging and failed to find anything remotely close to that quote anywhere on the internet. There were however a couple of other good quotes I did find which nicely express my sentiments on the role of satire in public life.

Famed 17th century English poet & playwright Patricius Ruddelius

First from Joseph Addison (a 17th century English poet and playwright who I’ve never heard of.)

Among the writers of antiquity there are none who instruct us more openly in the manners of their respective times in which they lived than those who have employed themselves in satire, under whatever dress it may appear.

… and then this quote from John Dryden (another 17th century English poet/playwright I’ve never heard of.)

Satire is a kind of poetry in which human vices are reprehended.

TwObama Campaign

I see good satire and parody as having the power to cut through bullshit like a hot knife through butter.  When you see the humor in something, you see it directly for what it is.  There is no logical thinking involved, or even necessary.  Just the ability to apprehend a simple truth … because as the popular saying goes, “It’s funny because its true.”

All In Jest

DomainGang’s intentions are not to inflict wounds on those who fall within their comedic crosshairs, nor to be purposefully muckraking.  In fact, those special characters of the domain landscape who are often at the butt end of the light-hearted jokes, as you’ll recognize in some of the images here and on DomainGang.com, are all great sports about it and nothing that I’m aware of is ever meant to be injurious.  Only Hilarious.

Monte Cahn - fighting the domainer hordes

So with that I say, “Carry on DomainGang!”.  Your heckling of the domain-related news of the day is both entertaining and instructive.

So what do you think of DomainGang? Satirical Genius or not? If there’s a favorite DomainGang image you have in mind that I’ve not included drop me a line below.

In the meantime, view the rest of the DomainGang pictorial tribute below.

Pope Tart

Captain Ruddell of the Love Boat

Pigeon Domains

Evolution of Domain Development

BP TopKill Humanity

Rick Schwartz - domain king by fiat

Rob Monster - Epik Halloween Jammy Jam

Castro - viva la .cu revolucion


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