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Always Opt To Use New Customer’s Contact Info When Pushing Domains

August 12, 2012

This may seem obvious, but for whatever reason it’s something I’ve neglected to do on a few occasions in the past when pushing domains I’ve sold to new owners.

When pushing a domain name the registrar will generally ask you to check a box to identify whether you would like to have the domain adopt the new owner’s contact info or to maintain your current contact information.

There are several reasons I would not want to be identified with a domain I no longer own:

  • I continue receiving email notifications and alerts for the domain whenever there is an update or the new owner makes a change, which gets annoying
  • The new owner does not receive these alerts and notifications, which could affect them or their business
  • I don’t know what the new owner might be using the domain for, and it could be something I don’t agree with or do not want to be associated with
  • God forbid they’re doing something unlawful or there is a dispute over the domain, I don’t want to be wrapped up in it
  • There’s just no good reason for it

Although I should have taken the responsibility in these cases to force the contact updates myself, whenever I do notice the discrepancy and attempt to contact the new owner, (who I’ve already done business with I might add), getting them to address the update and make changes or even just getting a response to my email can be like pulling teeth.

Sometimes the owner is not tech savvy and relies on an IT team or webmaster to do these type of things, in which case I’ve had to get after them to do it.  Otherwise I wonder if they’re just plain lazy.  One would think they would show a little more willingness to do something that’s in their own best interest, especially seeing as they’ve already invested money into the domain.

Although now I am always conscious to have the right box for updating contact checked when pushing a domain, I do however allow the current name servers to remain the same.  The reason for this is that the new owners sometimes also fail to amend the name server settings, and if the domain is getting traffic you may continue to earn parking revenue on it.

I do not make significant money on parking so this has probably meant only a few bucks here and there on a few domains, but I know this is common and some domainers with higher traffic domains have continued to earn a nice little revenue stream on domains they no longer own.

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