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Any Baby Can

November 2, 2009

any-baby-can.jpgI announced last month that I would be donating 25% of the proceeds from a recent domain sale on Bido.com to a local charity. That charity was finally selected on All Saint’s Night, a.k.a Halloween.

I had it in mind that the charity would be something in my local community and something to benefit children in some way. As it turns out, I was invited to a costume party to which there was a $10 cover fee, and where all of the extra proceeds would be going to a local organization called Any Baby Can. I thought it was a perfect fit, so I’m glad to say that I could add to the total cumulative pool of money going out to this organization from the benefit party.

Here’s a little more on Any Baby Can


The costume party, by the way, was smashing! I don’t do Halloween every year, in the sense of getting dressed up and going masquerading at parties and night clubs. But when I do, I can never seem to bring myself to go out and buy a costume. Normally I do my best to put something interesting together from whatever I have in my closet + garage.

This year however I got a little funky creating my own mask from a gourd I bought at Whole Foods. Yes, it was heavy, but so worth it! By midway through the party though I had to crop the top to lighten the load on my neck, as you can see here.


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