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Are Go Daddy Premium Listings Still Necessary?

March 26, 2012

Perhaps not if you list your domains for sale at Sedo, and certainly not if you care about saving 20% commission on your sale price.

As a result of Go Daddy’s recent partnership with domain aftermarket Sedo, domain names registered with Go Daddy that are listed for sale with a fixed price on Sedo.com are now automatically added to Go Daddy Auctions and are also displayed for sale in the registration path when a customer searches for available domains.

Check out the screencaps below which I took after searching  the availability of two domains on the Go Daddy homepage.  The first shows a domain name which I’ve listed for sale via Go Daddy Premium Listings.

Go Daddy Premium Listing

30% Sales Commission On This Listing

This second screenshot shows a domain name which I have listed on Sedo.com with a fixed price but which I did not yet have listed via Go Daddy Premium Listings.

Go Daddy Auction Listing via Sedo

10% Sales Commission On This Listing

As you can see, both domains are listed for sale directly in the registration path.  To the best of my knowledge, this was not always the case with normal Go Auction listings, and is only now occurring as a result of the Sedo MLS integration.

I’m only seeing upside here. First, it eliminates the need for double entry by not having to list the domain at both places.  More importantly, there’s a difference of 20% commission between sales of Premium Listings (30%) and Auction Listings (10%).  On a $2000 domain sale that’s a real savings of $400.

Heck yeah.

As you can see, the listings follow slightly different formats.

  • The Premium listing allows a user to add the domain directly to their cart for purchase, whereas the Auction listing must first be viewed on a separate page
  • The Premium listing displays the price in big block letters, whereas the Auction listing displays the price in the smaller subtext underneath the main heading
  • The Auction listing displays an end date, which might appeal to a sense of urgency if the potential buyer perceives there is a diminishing window of opportunity to purchase the domain

On a side note, there’s also a difference in case.  After testing a few domains, I noticed that the Go Daddy Auction Listings do not attempt to display your domains in CamelCase, but put them in all lower case letters.  While on the other hand, Premium Listings do attempt to display the domain name in CamelCase – and as you can see from the first screenshot above, got it wrong.

It lists the domain as DngIrl.com, making the capital ‘I’ look like a lower case ‘L’, due to the sans-serif font.  Another domain I looked up – Cuffa.com – was displayed as CufFa.com.  I guess no automated system is perfect.

By the way, Ladies … if you’re interested in DNGirl.com, not only does it make a great name for a domain brand or blog, it also comes with the matching Twitter handle @DNGirl.   If you contact me directly as a result of this post I’ll cut the price for you by 25%..

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