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Bigfoot Sightings at WebFest Global Confirmed

February 20, 2013

Bigfoot photobombing with Shane Cultra and Kim Kardashian

A Domain Animal Exclusive

Speculation has been rampant about various reports of a Bigfoot sighting coming from WebFest Global in Santa Monica over the past week.  Now, thanks to popular blogger DomainShane, we have the smoking gun!

An attendee of WebFest who wishes to remain anonymous has come forward to share this exclusive photo (above) of the elusive sasquatch photobombing a photo-op between Shane and celebrity keynote speaker Kim Kardashian.

We’ve since had the photo analyzed and authenticated by a group of experts who have verified its legitimacy.

While sightings of Bigfoot are rare, photos of the infamous man-beast are rarer still. That, due to a strict no-photo policy at the behest of his Press Agent.  Bigfoot is known the world over and noted by many for his success with personal branding.

Bigfoot was also sighted with his entourage at the WebFest live domain auction, where he was reportedly outbid on BeverlyHillsPlasticSurgeons.com before disappearing back into the woods.

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