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Blog Content Thieves, Take Notice

August 30, 2012

Earlier today, within two hours of publishing my previous article on in.gredients.com, I received a pingback notification from WordPress that alerted me to the fact someone had immediately scraped the content of my article, in its entirety, and republished it without my permission, and without a link back or so much as a mention of my site as the original author.

To quote the DUDE, “This aggression will not stand, man.”

The infringing website in question lives at zdud.com.

ZDud, with an emphasis on the dud, an apt descriptor for someone who lacks the intelligence and work ethic to produce their own content and must steal from the hard work of others.

So who exactly is this dud? According to WHOIS, he goes by David Gustin of Ocoee Florida.

Gustin, David  smartbizzinc@mail.com
P.O BOX 445
Ocoee, Florida 34761
United States

Though I had emailed David through his website earlier in the day to request that he remove the content in question, warning him that I would be contacting his ISP, Bluehost.com, within 24 hours should he fail to comply with my request, I decided not to wait that long.

While further researching the potential severity of the infringing website this evening I discovered that not only was an entire article lifted verbatim from my blog, but that Mr. Gustin has in fact been quietly scraping and republishing content from most if not all of the other domain blogs as wel.

Have a look for yourself

Following this realization I immediately sent a DMCA Takedown Notification to the legal department of Bluehost concerning the republished article from my blog.  In the letter I also alerted them to the fact that they may expect to receive additional takedown notices from other publishers.

I would encourage anyone and everyone else whose content has been pilfered by this smooth criminal to contact legal@bluehost.com with a takedown notice of your own and put a quick lid on this shitcan.

While I don’t expect that all other domain blog publishers will follow through on this action, nor would I blame them as I have no doubt that content scrapers are routine and in some sense, a regular ‘cost of doing business’ online that goes with the territory, I on the other hand cannot tolerate thievery and will continue to pursue content thieves with religious fervor.

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