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New Charity Mack Jack & McConaughey Could Use Help Of Their Own In Domain Naming

December 26, 2012

The current issue of my local Community Impact newspaper has a bit about a new charitable organization announced in late November by famed University of Texas (UT) football coach Mack Brown, musician Jack Ingram, and actor Matthew McConaughey.

According to the charity’s website the goal of the organization is to impact the lives of kids by supporting programs dedicated to empowering underserved children.  You can learn more at MackJackMcConaughey.org.

The choice of domain name here struck me as a bit problematic for at least a few reasons:

  • Rather than using all first names, or all last names, the URL mixes it up, using two first names (Mack and Jack) followed by a last name (McConaughey).  I think MackJackMatt might have worked better since it’s much shorter, it rhymes and is easier to recall, which leads me to my next point …
  • McConaughey is pretty hard to spell.  Even though I’m quite familiar with him as an actor and have heard his name again and again, I did not have a clue how to spell it properly, and continued to have trouble even after seeing it in print, having to constantly check back against myself to avoid mistyping it.  For a tricky name like this I think others besides myself are likely to have trouble, for example if they hear it on a radio ad and try typing it in when they get home.  There’s a chance they may lose some traffic this way.
  • They failed to register the .com version.

Naming conventions aside, this last point is the biggest no-no, and there’s really no good reason that they should not have locked down the corresponding .com, and perhaps even the .net along with it, for an extra $8-$10 per domain.

As for the branding aspect, I understand there’s a lot of star power wrapped up in their names, and that lends itself greatly to the charity’s cause which is likely the main reason to include them in the domain name. Still I would have considered other possibilities, for instance MJandM.org which is available to register (as well as the .com) and is a fair bit shorter and less confusing to say and spell. As you can see below they are even branding with MJ&M on the website and in the charity’s logo.

Regardless, I commend Mack, Jack, and McConaughey for their efforts in giving something back to the community.

Mack Jack & McConaughey - MJ&M

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