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Ching.com Flipped For Profit After 6 Months

June 30, 2014

Bought on Namejet this past January, the domain Ching.com was resold in Sedo’s GreatDomains auction which closed last Thursday.

While eyeballing a domain at Sedo’s latest monthly GreatDomains auction which closed this past Thursday, another domain, Ching.com caught my eye because I knew I had seen it before in the not too distant past.

Sure enough, that domain was sold at NameJet for $8,112 in early January of this year as part of an exclusive auction that featured many other premium Chinese names.

Unfortunately I got distracted and did not see the final closing price for Ching.com at Sedo’s auction last week, but the last I did see the domain had already passed reserve with a high bid of $11,000.

It may well have sold for more, but to my knowledge the sale has not been officially reported yet by Sedo.

At the least, factoring Sedo’s 15% auction commission, the seller would have netted $9,350, for a profit of $1,238 on his purchase from Namejet.

I will be curious to see if the final sale price matches or whether the domain received more bids in the final hour.  If you happened to catch the close of this auction feel free to share.

This goes to show that its possible to make money buying domains at one venue and reselling them at another where there are a different pool of buyers.

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