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.Club Domains Enter General Availability – Did You Get Any?

May 7, 2014

dot clubAdmittedly I have been a bit lackadaisical in keeping up on the new TLD launches.

This has been to my detriment, on the one hand, as I may have missed out on some possible opportunities in these new spaces that could be fruitful down the road.

On the other hand, its also worked to my advantage, as I haven’t gone down the rabbit hole wasting countless time in preparation and list-building only to have registries move the goal posts, claw back names for premium pricing, and whatnot.

Today I received a notification from Name.com that .Club pricing was now open to general availability at $14.95 per domain registration.

I hustled over to Dynadot to scan some names.  (sorry Name, I appreciate the heads up, but for new gTLD searches I like the Dynadot interface).

There are some domains in this extension that would make good sense, such as Golf.Club, Book.Club, Rugby.Club, Strip.Club, VIP.club, Discount.Club, Chess.Club, so on and so forth.  Actually there might be quite a number of second-level keywords well-suited to this extension, particularly at the attractive $14.95 price tag.

However most of those premos may have well been gone days or weeks ago.  I started scanning some more mediocre keywords, essentially rattling off any random dictionary term that came to mind in rapid succession.  In all I probably checked several hundred names for availability.

There were only three I found still available: Spark.Club, Helium.Club, and one other forgettable name.

Names that were taken included Stupid.Club, Bullshit.Club, and many others. You get the idea.

If you were able to register any decent .Club domains at the base general availability pricing, or if you happened to shell out for premium pricing on something good, feel free to post it here.

(p.s. – this was a bit of a fluff post to make sure more people are aware that one of my domains 888.io is at auction ending tomorrow on Flippa.  I don’t make any money on this blog, but I’ve put a lot into it over the years, so I figure I may as well leverage it.  If you’ve read this far, thanks for leisuring me, and if nothing else I hope you dig that I’m just ‘keeping it real’.)

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