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.CO Won’t Be Sponsoring This Years TechCrunch Disrupt, But Guess Who Will? Surprise! It’s .NET

September 7, 2012

In 2010 .CO Internet was just bursting onto the scene, a startup itself, and hungry to disrupt the internet world by positioning .CO as the new TLD of choice among entrepreneurs and small businesses everywhere.  So it was fitting that not only did .CO Internet sponsor the annual Disrupt conference that year, but that in partnership with TechCrunch it also provided a space for the conference website at Disrupt.co.

Although .CO has had a significant impact on the domain landscape over the past two years (though arguable to some just how significant), Disrupt.co still stands today as it did in 2010.  The conference website has once again returned to TechCrunch.com, for now.

So what’s the story at Disrupt 2012?  It turns out that another TLD is looking to shake things up for the drove of entrepreneurs and tech luminaries that will surely be in attendance at this year’s conference which begins tomorrow in San Francisco.

Verisign’s .NET is a sponsoring partner and will be hosting a booth at the show.

Verisigns .NET Logo

Innovative? Entrepreneurial? You need to be here! Stop by the .net booth, take the Innovator Quiz and share your big idea.  Millions of businesses thrive with a .net behind them, and more start here every day. Whether you’re a tech visionary or a crafty entrepreneur, the brightest minds are brainstorming, launching and getting noticed with a .net domain.

In the tagline of the .NET logo (pictured right) which accompanies the above text on the show’s Sponsor page, you can see that Verisign is branding .NET as “the web domain for innovators”.

The logo links over to GetYour.net, where they’ve recanned the tagline as, “The go-to website address for small business”, along with the claim that “millions of startups start with .net”

Millions?  That does sound like a bold statement.  Of course there are over 14 million .net domains in existence, but just how many of those belong to startups would be difficult to say.

With .COM as incumbent king, and the now gathering ‘barbarians at the gate’ in the form of thousands of new TLDs expected to arrive over the next several years under ICANN’s new gTLD program, it looks like Verisign is now making an active effort to bolster .NET’s street cred among the entrepreneurial community and maintain its long-held status as the next-in-line behind .COM.

Will their efforts pay off?  What do you think?

Finally, not to be left out, .ME and Domain.com are among other domain companies who will be sponsoring TechCrunch Disrupt this year. If you are planning on attending be sure to stop by their booths and say hello.

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