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Company Using .TV Domain To Track Hits From Infomercial

March 9, 2012

Up with the chickens this morning, I put on some television, and surfing the channels I came across an infomercial for a product called No! No! Hair.

The infomercial advertised the domain TryNoNo.tv.  Naturally I wondered about the choice of TLD, and whether the .COM was taken or what was behind their decision for using .TV.

It turns out No! No! Hair owns the .COM as well.  When you type in the .TV domain it fowards to TryNoNo.com with a referrer id in the URL for TryNoNo.tv.

No! No! Hair

No! No! more running ads that we can't track

This is a pretty clever way to track a television advertising campaign.  Most companies choose to advertise their primary domain (usually .COM) in television ads. While this is smart from a branding perspective, it really doesn’t allow any way to gauge the number of internet hits resulting from the ad.

In fact another such infomercial I saw this morning was for TRIA Laser using TryTRIALaser.com (coincidentally another laser hair removal product … maybe I’m in the wrong business here).

For the sake of example, let’s say TRIA Laser is also running radio ads for their product.  Using the same domain in both ads would leave them no way of knowing which ad brought in more traffic or how much, which ad is generating more sales and which advertising medium is giving the better ROI.

It’s true that the tracking via domain ‘channels’ could also be accomplished using subdomains, e.g. – tv.nonohair.com – but it could be confusing to some and may leak a fair amount of traffic to tvnonohair.com.  In this case I believe they’d actually be diluting the brand by having to own a separate .COM domain for every subdomain they use to advertise.

Just some thoughts at 5am on a Friday.

Who do you side with in the battle of the laser hair removal infomercials? Is it No! No! Hair with the .TV domain, or TRIA Laser with the .COM?.

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