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December 21, 2012 Marks the End … of the Potential Value of 2012.com

September 7, 2012

Time is running out on 2012.com

For 2012.com, time is running out ….

Back in January of 2010, I first covered a story on the domain name 2012.com titled What a Waste, where I detailed how the mysterious owner of 2012.com, one Sunil Gupta, seemed to have neither any intention of ever developing, selling, or even monetizing the domain.

Cataloged by Archive.org, the last known record of a landing page for 2012.com reads,

This domain is not for sale.

Please do not call.

Please do not write.

Please do not email.

Thank you.

That was March of 2007.  Sometime thereafter the domain ceased to resolve.

With the dawn of the blockbuster Hollywood film by the same name, public interest in 2012 and the end date of December 21, 2012 forecasted by the Mayan calendar was reaching epic proportions.

Shortly after the movie had been released I speculated it was possible the current owner was simply biding his time until anticipation around 2012 had percolated to an all-time high, in order to maximize the domain’s resale value before finally putting the domain up for sale.  I wrote at the time,

Is it possible the owner of this domain is crazy like a fox? Is it just possible he is holding out on the sale of this domain until the fever pitch on 2012 is running so high that 2012.com is worth Megabucks and he is able to position himself for the highest domain name sale of all time and enough cash to outfit himself with a private bunker in the hills and a small army of maidservants to survive the apocalypse?

All humor aside, as of now that scenario certainly does not look to be the case.  We are nearly three months away from the end of the 5th cycle of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012, from the beginning of 2013, and from the end of the speculative value of 2012.com.

Still undeveloped, un-monetized and unsold, the window on its value is closing rapidly, if it has not closed already.  I’ll say it again, what a waste..

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