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Did Name.com Just Step Up Their ccTLD Game?

April 10, 2012

Name.com LogoIt looks as though domain registrar Name.com pushed out several new ccTLDs onto its platform today, including .ca (Canada), .fr (France), .ch (Switzerland), .cz (Czech Republic), .pl (Poland), and over a dozen others.

I observed the change around 2pm while conducting some domain research.  I like using Name.com to run a a quick bulk scan to see how many different TLDs a particular keyword or keyword phrase is registered in, as a rough gauge of popularity.

Here you can see that the new ccTLDs have been added beginning after .co.  (.mx and .com.mx got double billed for some reason).

Name.com New ccTLDS, 2012

Name.com now gives you 19 more ways to get your domain fix

I have not received any email or marketing notification from Name.com on this change yet, so this may be breaking news.

I’m sure the flexibility to register a wider variety of domains is a welcomed addition for those who already enjoy Name.com’s services.  Here is the full list of new ccTLDs:

  • .ca
  • .ch
  • .li
  • .cm
  • .cz
  • .dk
  • .fr
  • .gy
  • .net.nz
  • .org.nz
  • .pl
  • .pm
  • .re
  • .se
  • .so
  • .tf
  • .wf
  • .xxx
  • .yt

Strangely, .net.nz and .org.nz are included, while .co.nz is not.

In the graphic below you can see current pricing for each:

Name.com New ccTLD pricing

I'm going to Sizzler just as soon as I register this .CM


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