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For Domainer Investors

The internet has leveled the playing field, and staying competitive proposes a unique challenge for many businesses. As a domain investor you have the keys to a solution that many are still quite unaware is within their reach – Domain Names.

I’ve written a comprehensive introduction to the domain name aftermarket that I hope is easily accessible to those outside of the domain industry – whether it be CEOs; Marketing execs; small business owners; entrepreneurs; SEO or SEM professionals; Affiliate Marketers; or others.

I invite you to download Exploring the Domain Name Aftermarket. Feel free to introduce this material to your buyers if it will help you in any way.

Exploring the Domain Name Aftermarket:
Why generic keyword domains are good
for business and where to find them

how generic keyword domains benefit business and where to find them
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Lamentations continue to echo throughout the domain industry that end-users still don’t “get it”. If not, why not? It’s time to take control and square ourselves to the responsibility to educate our audience.

Through education we can build awareness of the value of domains and help to rise the tide of all boats. I look forward to providing you with more marketing materials in the weeks and months to follow.