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Domains For Sale On Aftermarket Listing Sites Could Benefit From User Generated Tags

February 25, 2012

This is a small idea and it may or may  not be beneficial, but I thought it might be worth mentioning anyway.

Often when I’m adding domains for sale at Sedo, Afternic, TDNAM, or other aftermarket venues, I find that some domains just don’t seem to fit well into any category.

What if users had the ability to add custom tags to each domain for sale listing.  Likewise, buyers searching for domains to purchase would also have the capability to search by keyword tag.

Tags on BrandCrowd Logo

Custom keyword tags, you dig?

The idea is simple really.  While I look at the WordPress dashboard here before me as I type this very post, there to my right are both Categories, and Tags.  Nothing new.

One aftermarket venue that is currently using tags is BrandCrowd (formerly BrandStack).   See the example ‘Nostalgia’ logo to the left.

However BrandCrowd is primarily a venue for buying and selling logos, although they do offer some domains for sale as well.

Care to weigh in?  Do you think adding custom keyword tags to your domains for sale would be beneficial? Do you think searching by tags would add benefit for buyers to find domains?  Or is it just a wishful idea?.

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