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Domains Sold By Word Count In February Showcase Auction

February 16, 2010

The Snapnames/Domainer Mardi Gras showcase auction closed earlier this afternoon. Here are the results for those who may have missed it.

What I found interesting and what I have seen others mention on the forums is that although the instructions that appeared on the auction submission page clearly called for submissions of 1 to 2 words only, nonetheless there were quite a number of 3 to 4 word domains accepted to auction.

Certainly Moniker is welcomed to accept whatever domains they wish, and whatever they believe will sell. I have no problem at all in that regard. I believe now those instructions are there more or less to serve as a preliminary filter to dissuade people from submitting every domain under the sun.

(I heard the total number of submissions for this showcase exceeded 30,000 so they certainly have enough inventory to plough through in the selection process as it is.)

In any case I broke down some stats according to domains accepted and sold by word count. Here they are:

  • Total domains of three or more words accepted to auction: 97 out of 455 (21.3%)
  • Number of 3-word domains out of total sold: 12 out of 35 (34.3%)
  • Of all 3-word domains sold, number in dot com: 11 out of 12 (91.5%)

So it looks like about 1 out of every 5 domains accepted to the showcase auction contained three or more words despite clear instructions to the contrary.

Further of the less than 1% of total domains that did sell, a full 1/3 of these were 3-word domains.

Here is a further breakdown:

2-4 character/acronyms

  • # sold: 5
  • total sold: $4,000
  • avg: $800


  • # sold: 2
  • total sold: $660
  • avg. price: $330


  • # sold: 16
  • total sold: $29,124
  • avg. price: $1,820


  • # sold: 12
  • total sold: $7838
  • avg. price: $653

Keep in mind that this is probably too small a sample to draw solid conclusions. For example, there were only two 1-word domains sold, and both in the .net extension  This is likely more of an indicator that the majority of 1-word domains were overpriced.

However one thing is clear. I will not be as hesitant to submit three-word keyword domains to upcoming auctions. So much for following instructions..

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