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Domino’s Using the Domain ThinkOven.com For New Ad Campaign

February 20, 2012

Yesterday while watching the Knicks – Mavericks game (I had to see what all this Jeremy Lin hype was about for myself), I caught a commercial for Domino’s Pizza which ended with a plug for the domain ThinkOven.com

The domain name forwards to an app on Domino’s Facebook fan page.  The campaign, who’s tagline is “Tell Us Your Domino’s Idea’s. We’re Listening” appears to be an attempt at crowdsourcing innovation from the public.

I’ve had a look around the internet and social media to see what others’ reactions have been, and so far it seems to be either love/hate.  Some folks applaud Domino’s as ‘innovators’ for their attempt to crowdsource.  Others have the opposite reaction, claiming that they’re basically a company out of ideas and using the campaign as a lame effort to dupe the public into feeding them new ones.

Whatever the case, this is a situation where I actually don’t dislike how they’ve organized the campaign around the domain ThinkOven.com

I do have a problem when companies use a Facebook fan page as their primary visible location on the web.  However Domino’s also already owns the major dot com brand name Dominos.com as their primary web address.

In that context I don’t mind them driving traffic to their Facebook app page as opposed to Dominos.com/app or directly to ThinkOven.com – mainly because the campaign is centered around community engagement it probably makes more sense sending visitors to Facebook.   I know some will disagree.  The fact is there are already close to 1 billion Facebook users, and big brands can’t afford to ignore cultivating their presence in this channel.

But at least they did make the correct move in obtaining a clear call to action domain name to brand the campaign with.  It would have been foolish to promote a Facebook URL and also harder to track.

What do you think of the new ad campaign and their use of ThinkOven.com?.

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