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EPAG wins (my business)

October 22, 2009

This is going back a bit, before I started this blog, but it came to my mind today and I think its a good illustration of the power of good customer relations in winning and retaining customer loyalty.

About six months or so ago, the landrush for the new .tel extension began.  Party of my strategy at the time in attempting to secure the super-premium names, was to submit multiple pre-registration applications across as many different registrars as I could.

While others were putting in only a single pre-registration application at a single registrar, I figured I could easily multiply my odds of winning the names I was after by simply multiplying the number of registrars I placed pre-orders with.  Simple mathematics right?

One such registrar was a German registrar called EPAG

I submitted a formal application to them with a list of about 60 or so domains which I faxed over the pond to one of their reps.

When landrush day came, I got a report back from EPAG that they had managed to secure a single .tel domain: apartements.tel

I was thrilled! .. at first.  Until I came to, and noticed the typo.

Since I had delivered a fax of my list of domain names in type-written format, to which I had a copy, it was clearly evident that this was not an error on my part.  I was a tad bit concerned due to the the landrush price of .tel at $375, a potentially costly mistake.

Hoping that this would not be a hassle, I wrote a courteous yet straighforward email pointing out the typographical error in the domain they had registered.

Without any question or hesitation, and without my even having to ask, the EPAG rep responded back offering apologies and a full refund including applicable fees.   Needless to say I was relieved.

But moreover, this gesture boosted my confidence in their company, as I knew that they were uber-professionals capable of superb customer relations and flat out doing the right thing, with grace, and without having to be asked.

The result? Now that I am starting to expand more and more into the cctld space, and in particular, the .de extension, I am giving very strong consideration to registering .de with EPAG, provided their prices are competitive.  What with the recent release of 1, 2 & 3 character .de by DENIC, I may well be registering some names with them quite soon.

Pricing, to a degree, will still win me out, but all things being equal, a major differentiator will often be with the company that’s managed to establish a solid reputation through their good and professional deeds..

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