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FeedFront: a Free Affiliate Marketing Magazine

April 13, 2010

current issue of feedfront magazine

Recently I’ve noticed some domain investors blogging about their successes in generating additional revenue for their domains from affiliate marketing.

If you’re into affiliate marketing and you havn’t yet heard of FeedFront Magazine I highly encourage you to check it out.

FeedFront is the official magazine of Affiliate Summit, a noted affiliate industry trade show that occurs semi-annually. It was founded by industry veterans Shawn Collins and Missy Ward who also function as co-editors-in-chief for FeedFront.

The magazine features some of the internet’s top marketers, affiliate managers, and other experts contributing their knowledge in the form of helpful tips, tools, resources, and guidance on how to improve your affiliate marketing efforts. Its absolutely free for a one-year subscription and I’ve found that each issue contains an abundance of useful information.

What I consider the icing on the cake is that it’s available as a hard-copy edition that comes in the mail (for U.S. residents only). I just recieved the latest issue (pictured above) in my mailbox on Saturday.

Although I believe that most or all of the articles are also made available online via the website, for those that work online all day it’s a real pleasant break for a chance to unglue your eyeballs from the monitor, have a sit with a cup of coffee or tea and read from the printed page. Nothing in my mind still beats reading the old-fashioned way.

Unfortunately for some FeedFront is only currently available in hard-copy via mail to U.S. residents. So for others outside the U.S. you can still subscribe to the RSS feed and read it online..

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