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Following The Frager Factor’s Advice On LinkedIn For Lead Gen

March 3, 2010

I talked in my last post about how I’d been working on the sale of a developed domain with traffic by targeting Google Adwords advertisers.

Today I wanted to share the early results of another approach that I used this week to try to generate a sale for another (different) developed site of mine.

Owen Frager of The Frager Factor got me thinking recently about an angle for utilizing the LinkedIn network that I hadn’t explored before.  His recent blog post on how to sell a name to an end user on LinkedIn compelled me to give it a shot.

Though I havn’t sold the name yet, the method has proven quite successful in lead generation. I think the key is to use it tactfully, and with the utmost care not to spam.

In his post, Owen related that he had come across a LinkedIn Group that comprised a high level of execs from an industry that was directly related to his domain name, through which he hoped to post a discussion to let them know of the names availability.

I know that my website is in a hot niche for CPL (Cost Per Lead) affiliate marketing.I also know that a developed keyword dot com domain with traffic would have value to affiliates in this space, since they often buy traffic as a form of arbitrage.

chain link.jpgSo what I did was performed a search to find all affiliate Groups on LinkedIn. Browsing through the results I found one of the larger groups there had about a half dozen sub-groups, one of which was exclusive to the exact vertical of my domain name. Perfect.

I joined the group. But before jumping the gun I took some care. I sent the groups organizer a direct message to ask ahead whether it was appropriate to advertise my website for sale in the discussion board. I explained enough to let him know that the site was highly targeted to this particular sub-group of affiliates.

Once I got the go-ahead I posted up a short blurb of highlights along with my email address for further details. The very next day (yesterday) I got five inquiries regarding the sale.

So the method works, but let me forewarn you in case you missed my note above regarding tactfulness:

DON’T, I repeat, DO NOT SPAM on LinkedIN.

It goes without saying that you should avoid spamming anywhere, but I find it particularly important on a network like LinkedIn which is about as professional a platform as there is today on the internet.

If you’re curious as to the name/website it is this one on University Distance Learning.

It hasn’t sold yet, so if you or someone you might know has an interest feel free to contact me..

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