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Francois Enjoys Cyber Monday As 25.com Enters Auction At CAX

November 26, 2012

Notable domain industry investor and entrepreneur Francois Carillo who runs a network of domain sales and services sites, including Domaining.com and CAX.com, may have gotten the biggest baddest Cyber Monday ‘deal’ of all today.

The 2-number (NN) domain 25.com has just entered into auction at CAX having met reserve with a single bid of $1,500,000.  At the current price, even if the domain receives no further bids, and provided the buyer completes the sale, Francois stands to rake in a tidy $150,000 on the sale, at 10% commission.

Commissions on the CAX platform range from 8% – 10%, according the a sellers Domaining.com membership level.  On this sale the seller will pay a 10% commission as the single star next to their name denotes they are currently a ‘trader’, which is the introductory membership level.

For a level 3 Premium membership which costs $200/yr, the seller would have shaved close to $30,000 off the commission on this sale.  Despite whatever other additional benefits the Premium membership level entails, having such a big-ticket domain for sale on CAX may just be the best incentive of all to upgrade.

In any event, I’m sure the seller will be more than happy with the take home on this beauty of a sale.  Once finalized I look forward to reading about it in the DNJournal weekly sales report.

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