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Free Custom Fonts

October 27, 2009

For anyone doing development work, I wanted to share an awesome new source I’ve found for free stock custom fonts.  www.multimedia-stock.com

They are a stock photo site that has spun off of the stockxchange, after many of their top photographers angrily dispatched themselves and their catalogues after the recent acquisition of the site by another company.

Apparently there is some backstory there that I’m not fully aware of.

At any rate, my father put me on to the new site (thanks Dad!)  While I was browsing around I noticed the subsection of custom fonts.  What a great find!


Like many domainers, I came to web-development through the back door, in true DIY form, with the realization that development is key to monetization.  Truth be told, I’m a Photoshop hack.

But I’d never even known or conceived before that there are people out there designing their own fonts.  I’m actually fairly fascinated by such an undertaking.  Fonts are not something I really think about, ever.  Like the air around me, I just read, without noticing the substance or nuances of the text itself.

And, as the name of the website would indicate, their stock is not limited to graphics and fonts.  They also have a section for free scripts.

While there’s currently only two listed,  the dynamic footer script seems surprisingly useful.  It will keep the year of your copyright dynamically updated in your footer without your having to manually edit your sites.

If you know of any other good sources for free custom fonts (or graphics or scripts) please drop a comment and let me know..

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