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4 Options for Free Killer Domain Logos

April 1, 2017

Whether selling a domain or launching a website, a nice logo can give a boost. If on a steak and taters budget with time to spare, check out 99Designs. If not, check out these free options (with paid options available on most):

1. Stencil


Stencil is mostly a Canva.com clone, but IMO it works better than Canva.com and provides a huge selection of royalty free stock photos and icons at no cost (with a paid plan, you can basically use it for unlimited stock photo downloads). I’ve been on the unlimited plan for over 2 years, but their free option is great if you need 10 or fewer graphics per month (far fewer icons and graphics available on the free plan but still very nice). On top of logos, you can make amazing looking Facebook ads, site banners, etc. in less than a minute.

Here are 3 examples of logos for one brand and my favorite dog breed (FYI, it took less than 1 minute to make all 3 together):

2. Logomakr


Logomakr may not be a great brand/domain itself (where that “e” get off to?), but it’s a completely serviceable logo maker and free (unless you need the logo in very high resolution).

3 examples of 1-minute Logomakr logos:

3. Hipster Logo Generator


While far from my favorite overall, Hipster Logo Generator is easy and fast, and if you have no design talent at all (not saying that I do BTW), it can provide something interesting looking that the youths might like.

3 examples of 1-minute HLG logos: 

4. Inkscape


There is a learning curve to Inkscape, but it’s the most advanced free option I’ve found.

When things were flying at Flippa, it was my go-to option for making logos for featured auctions. My process was simple:

  1. Buy a stock logo like you can find on Adobe Stock or find one for free on the web.
  2. Convert from Adobe file type to a generic vector graphic (there should be better options available now but my conversion method involved PhotoPlus)
  3. Edit

Of course, you can design logos from scratch using Inkscape too, but that would involve actual design talent, which I am lacking.

Anyway, here are 3 examples of designs I made a few years ago (these weren’t really free since I had to pay for the original stock graphic, and most took much longer than a minute):

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