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Go Daddy Quickly Ammends New Arduous Bulk Search Feature

February 8, 2012

(Editor’s forward to this article: The screenshot taken below and the proceeding details were dated from January 25th.  While writing this article and double-checking some facts today (yes, I actually fact-check each of my posts prior to publishing) … it appears that the feature in question is no longer present, and has been updated to a somewhat easier interface).

One day last week I was performing a bulk domain search on Go Daddy, when I came across an annoying new feature of the site.  When you perform a bulk domain search at Go Daddy, if all of the domains that you have searched are available to be registered, the site automatically redirects you to the first page of the checkout process where you’re asked to confirm all available domain registrations.  This in itself isn’t new, but here’s what is:

There is now a little box that shows up on the right-hand side of the checkout page.  This box displays each domain to be registered, with a maximum window of 15 domains.  Anything above that cannot be seen or even scrolled to.

The problem here is that the only way to remove each domain name is to click a little ‘x’ next to that domain (as you can see in the image)However there is no way to remove them in bulk!

They also would not go away even though I exited the checkout page, if I performed another search on available domains, they remained in the checkout stage.

Why is this a problem?  Go Daddy bulk search allows you to conduct a search of up to 500 domain names at a time.  Let’s say you searched 500 domains and they all came up as available to be registered. That means all 500 domains would be automatically entered into a checkout page, and the only way to remove them is to go through the entire list and manually click on 500 ‘x’ marks – one, at, a, time.

Not cool.

I was scanning a large list of domains, and on the second occasion I ran into this problem I had to clear out over 100 of them one by one. It sucked.

This feature really needed to be adjusted and I’m glad that Go Daddy stepped up.  It may not have affected the majority of their customers, but it would have been a regular pain in the side for mny domainers.

Here is an update of what the current process looks like.  There is still no bulk remove feature, but it looks as though now if you exit this pre-checkout page, the domains will not persist when you perform a new search.


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