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How Did You Make Your Millions?

March 3, 2011

I just watched for the first time, a new show on CNBC called How I Made My Millions.  Each week the show catalogs a handful of successful entrepreneurs and tells the story of how they took an idea and made it into their first million.

In the episode I just finished watching, there was a segue prior to a commercial where they showed a teaser about a guy who made his first million on the internet by ‘buying words’.  From the way in which they phrased it, I was excited to think they may be doing a bit about a successful dot com mogul or someone who made their first million from domain speculating.

I was only slightly disappointed that it turned out not to be a domainer, though, but instead was a profile on a man named Mark DiPaola who launched an early SEM company called Vantage Media which he then sold five years later for $150 million.

Still, it was neat to see a story on an internet entrepreneur whose fortune was intimately tied to the power of keywords.  But it also got me thinking, there are plentiful examples of those who’ve made their first million in domain investing, and I’d still love to see someone representing the domain industry on this show.

Unfortunately for me I don’t happen to be one of those millionaires, or anywhere near it (yet).

But there are those like Mike Mann, Michael Berkens, Rick Schwartz and countless others who fly under the radar, or perhaps someone in the industry who’s founded a domain parking provider, registrar, aftermarket venue or other domain related produce or service.  Maybe that someone is you?

If you made your first millions on domain names and havn’t had your 15 minutes of fame yet (closer to 5 really), why not send your story to the producers of How I Made My Millions?

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