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How Good Is A SmartName Shop? Check This Letter Out!

August 18, 2010

Recently Ron Jackson shared his experience monetizing domains with SmartName ecommerce templates. To be honest these Smartname shops are much more than parking templates as they’re integrated with Shopping.com product feeds and are almost fully customizable, from everything including adding a custom header to manual SEO optimization, for those that are comfortable.

I’ve been testing SmartName shops for some time and have also been happy with the results, moreover from an SEO perspective as I’ve found that several of my domains are now reaching the 1st page of Google results for the main keyword term. Rather than bore you with further details, I simply wanted to show you a recent letter I got in the mail that I think is quite an endorsement for the SmartName shop.

(Note: you can click to zoom on the pictures)


direct mail campaign

Why is this interesting? I have a SmartName shop on CommercialEntranceDoors.com under the heading Commercial Entrance Doors.  The letter address (and offer inside) indicates it was meant to be directed to a place of business and that my ‘site’ was convincing enough to lead someone to believe I was actually in the business of selling commercial entrance doors.

I can only guess that the advertiser, Deluxe For Business, scraped their mailing list from a list of domains that they believed were running actual online businesses.

Incidentally, it looks like Deluxe For Business is going to be throwing a lot of money down the drain on their direct mail campaigns if this is how they are targeting their advertising.

By the way, if you’re in the commercial entrance door business yourself and happen to be reading this, CommercialEntranceDoors.com is still for sale as of this post, and here are several good reasons why owning multiple, targeted keyword domains is good for business.

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