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How To Locate a Buyer’s Contact Info For Domains You’ve Sold On Sedo, Regardless Of Privacy

February 18, 2012

If you’ve sold a domain name through Sedo, after the transaction has closed, or in the event it has been canceled, (as happened to me in December after I accepted an offer on one of my domains and the buyer subsequently failed to make payment) you will be able to view the signed Domain Sales Agreement which provides the name and contact information for the other party.

To access this info, you’ll need to go to your Transfer Center under the My Sedo tab in your dashboard.  Once there, you’ll see the list of domain transactions you have closed.  Click on the domain, then navigate to the Transfer Documents tab on the next page.  There you’ll see the Purchase & Sales Agreement.

The Agreement lists only the buyers name and postal address, and does not provide email or telephone number, but it shouldn’t be hard to obtain the latter through Google with some detective work.

Since some of the domains which I’ve sold through Sedo are now under whois privacy, it was interesting to look up the new owners on Google to see whether they were other domain investors or end-users.  If you’ve sold a premium domain that goes under whois privacy, it may especially be nice to know whether the domain was sold to a known entity or large corporate end-user.

The info may also be useful if you have a complementary domain to offer.  For example, if the buyer purchased the singular version of a domain to which you also own the plural, or an alternate TLD, it’s probably worth reaching out to them.  However I would encourage people not to abuse this by spamming unrelated domains..

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