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If You’ve Got a Domain Business, You Didn’t Build That

July 20, 2012

You didn't build that!

Yesterday I wrote about Mitt Romney and some of the interesting domains being used as a part of his election campaign.  So today its only fitting I do a piece around Barack Obama.

There’s  a new internet meme making the rounds based on something Obama said in a recent speech.  In case you havn’t heard of it yet, the meme is called You Didn’t Build That.

In short, what he said was …

If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.

Rather than give the full background about it here, if you want to quickly familiarize yourself with this meme and see a short video excerpt of the speech in question just head over to this page on KnowYourMeme.com (pretty much the best source around for keeping apprised of new internet memes).

Although it took a few days for anyone in the media to seize on the phrase, you can bet once they did someone quickly registered YouDidntBuildThat.com, on June 16th.  However the domain is not resolving at all and doesn’t even look to be parked.

Just a day later, on June 17th, another registrant scooped up the domain DidntBuildThat.com but decided to build something on it (no pun intended).  They’ve put up a Tumblr blog to publish some of the image macros people have been generating from the meme.

I found the site already ranking on the first page of Google for a search on “You Didn’t Build That”, and although the site has only been up for three days, due to the viral nature of the meme it already shows an Alex rank almost under 1 million.

Kudos to the registrant for being quick to capitalize on the trend, and it also goes to show you that it still helps to own the keyword domain for SEO value.

Thanks for reading, and remember:  I didn’t build this blog. Somebody else made it happen.

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