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InTrust Domains: Don’t Get Mad, Get Even

May 19, 2012

Yesterday, instead of purchasing shares in the Facebook IPO, I registered a domain name for under $10.  Hopefully, for me, a wiser investment.

This post is about how you can turn the tables on spammers like InTrust Domains and beat them at their own game.

The nature of these scammers, most commonly by the name InTrust Domains, or some associated alias, and many others, is to solicit you to purchase a domain name which they don’t yet even own because the domain is still waiting to drop from the previous owner.

I’m sure most of you are more than familiar with these emails.  I typically get one or two each week, though my portfolio is not that large.  The larger your domain portfolio, the more of these emails you are likely to receive. Usually they go something like this:

In the next few days, ——–.com will be listed for sale. Since you have a similar domain name, I thought you might be interested in acquiring ——-.com

You can confirm your interest in the domain by filling out the form here: [link to form]

After I receive a confirmation that you are interested in the domain, I will be in touch with you promptly to make arrangements.

I look forward to hearing back from you,


S.C. Amartist
address 1
address 2, etc

Typically the domains I am solicited are of no interest to me whatsoever, but this time I decided that the domain did indeed complement another in my portfolio and was one I might like to own – if only for registration fee.

Since receiving their email was a signal that the domain was soon to be dropping, I went ahead and checked through the drop lists and sure enough, was able to poinpoint the drop date to May 18th.

I did not respond to the scam email at all.  Instead I simply set a notification on my Google Calendar to remind me the day of the drop.  As soon as the domain became available I snapped it up for under $10.

Thanks, InTrust Domains, or whoever you were, for the heads up.  It was a pleasure (not) doing business with you! 😉

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