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Is Precognition Real?

March 30, 2012

Do you believe in precognition?  Precognition is the experience of sensing a future occurrence prior to having direct first-hand knowledge of it actually happening.

I have a recent story to share that is domain related which involves what I believe may have been precognition (of some sort).

It happened this past Friday.  I woke up and was lazing in bed for a few minutes just thinking on everything and nothing at once.  It was one of those states of mind where my train of thought was just that, a train of thoughts moving broadly in succession from one thing to another.


Ever get that feeling you're on another wavelength?

At some point I found myself thinking about domain sales, (go figure) which lead me to remembering how I’d had an offer on one particular domain a couple months back that had fallen through.  I was half-contemplating how I’d priced the domain, that I felt it was well priced, and the next thought that came to me was sort of like a daydream about the domain selling through Go Daddy.

Shortly after I pulled my laptop into bed and was about to commence running through my inbox to check the morning’s email before getting up.  As I sat in bed and opened gmail, scanning down the unopened messages one subject line quickly caught my eye – Your Domain, xxxxxxx.com, Has Sold.

Yup, it was the same domain I’d just been thinking of no more than 15 minutes earlier.

Coincidence?  I don’t blame you.   I wouldn’t deny anyone a healthy skepticism, and there’s nothing that proves I had “the shinning” that day.

Let me also make an important distinction here ….  It’s certainly not the case, and I’m not claiming that I somehow predicted the sale itself would occur.   That wouldn’t bare out because the email from Go Daddy came in at 3:04 AM while I was asleep.  The thought about the domain selling didn’t enter my brain until around 9am, six hours later. So the sale itself had actually already occurred prior to my thinking that it did.

Rather, what I believe is that on some level my mind experienced a bit of foresight about the sale having happened prior to acquiring direct knowledge of the fact that it did happen.   Though there was no way I could have identified the thought as a foresight, except in hindsight.  🙂

In case you’re wondering, the domain name Precognition.com is currently being brokered by DomainBrokers.com, while Precognition.net belongs to Frank Schilling.

What do you think?  Is precognition real?  Have you ever had a similar experience that you thought was more than pure coincidence?.

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