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Latest Political Meme ’47 Percent’ Already For Sale At Sedo

September 20, 2012

The latest political buzz phrase making headlines over the last few days is about the 47 Percent.  The source of the term comes from comments made by Mitt Romney during a presidential campaign fundraiser some time ago.  Apparently video of a candid conversation there was recently leaked on YouTube.  HuffingtonPost has more on the back story, or try a search for the term on Google News to see more commentary from dozens of other sites.

As usual the new meme has sent many rushing to their keyboards to register available domains in hopes that the term will stick.

Names such as 47Percent.org and The47.org were quickly snapped up.

However the domain 47Percent.com has been taken since 2009 and is currently listed for sale on Sedo with a fixed buy it now price of $6,000.

You can also find the domain for sale on GoDaddy.com for the same price, presumably through the SedoMLS listing service partnership with Go Daddy.

Time will tell whether 47 Percent becomes a more permanent fixture of the public discourse or just another passing fad in a world of sound-bites and talking points.  Were the term to gather as much momentum as the 1 Percent or 99 Percent has over the past year, the domain may well be worth as much or more than its currently listed price.

This situation illustrates a point I have heard many times from many domain investors about why they avoid listing their domains for sale at fixed prices.  When a media frenzy suddenly builds around a new term such as the 47 Percent, or if your domain happens to become the name of the next Apple gadget, its value has the potential to increase exponentially, literally over night.

Do you think 47Percent.com is a good buy right now at $6,000?  If you owned the domain, would you cash in now or hold out for more in hopes that the term’s popularity will  continue to grow?

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