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LincolnPark.com – the City, Not the Band – Closing at Auction Tomorrow on SnapNames

February 15, 2012

The 2012 DomainFest Global extended online auction is ending tomorrow at SnapNames.com.   One auction that caught my eye, which has not met reserve yet, is LincolnPark.com.

Lincoln Park is actually the name of several boroughs, neighborhoods and parks across the United States. When I see the words Lincoln Park, I tend to think of Lincoln Park, New Jersey, since it’s near where I grew up.

However when I hear the name, its not the place I think of at all.  There’s a popular rock band by the same phonetic name, though different spelling.  That band is of course Linkin Park.

Linkin Park album logo

All aboard, next stop, Lincoln ... I mean, Linkin Park

That said, I somehow never make the connection to the band name’s indie spelling when I hear it.  I automatically think of the linguistically correct spelling – Lincoln Park – and I may not be alone.

I would have said that gives this Geo-Domain a little bit of a bonus in my opinion, as I would bet it not only gets some additional type-in traffic from people looking for the band, but also most likely collects some additional backlinks as well, from people attempting to link to the bands homepage, using the proper spelling.

However my research on the backlinks doesn’t quite bare this out.  Using OpenSiteExplorer.org, I detect only a single inbound link to the domain, and looking at the article it seems it was done intentionally.  Update: See this post for correction.

Still, owning what could be seen as a typo of one of the biggest bands of the ’00s shouldn’t hurt in terms of direct navigation.The parked domain does show some Alexa rank and Compete.com shows some traffic.

You can find LincolnPark.com and many more premium domains at auction ending tomorrow on SnapNames.


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