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List of .info Domains That Have Changed Hands More Than Once

April 2, 2010

You may or may not be aware that NewYork.info has changed hands three times over the years, steadily increasing in its purchase price and the return on investment for each successive owner. Its last reported sale was for $70,000 in July of 2007.

newyork.info domain sale price history

Although it does not appear to be in the hands of an end-user yet, as the current owner has it up on a very sparsely populated page with only one adsense block, a google search box, and a few affiliate links.

Will this domain change hands a fourth time and if so will it take its place among less than a handful of .info domains to eclipse the 100,000 mark? It’s anyone’s guess.

But how many are aware that there is already another related .info domain that has so far changed hands four times over – Manhattan.info. The Big Apple is hot property.

manhattan.info domain sale price history

Manhattan.info is now in the hands of BuyDomains and is for sale as you can see from the homepage.

Following is a list of other .info domains that have resold a second time for decent ROI in all but one instance. The list counts Science.info, Chinese.info, CreditCard.info and FreePoker.info along with the exception of Funds.info which is a curious case.

Funds.info sold the second time in September of 2009 at a significant loss at a Godaddy auction. This leads me to believe the domain had expired and was being auctioned off by the registrar. If anything constitutes an epic fail I wold say its not renewing a domain you paid $22,246 for. The other alternative is that the previous buyer sent it to a TDNAM auction at a low/no reserve and took a loss of about 400% which seems to me even more unlikely.

sales price history for .info domains

Of all these domains only FreePoker.info looks to be fully developed.

The source for the above screenshots is DNSalePrice.com

If you know of other .info domains that have changed hands multiple times feel free to post them in a comment..

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