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My Proposal To ICANN For Metering New TLDs

September 6, 2012

According to their recently published Roadmap, ICANN is now seeking feedback from the community about how best to delegate or ‘meter’ out new TLDs into the root.  They aren’t prepared to roll out 1000 new TLDs in a single shot, and the idea of random batching (formerly Digital Archery) is off the table.  So what’s left?

Looking at the roadmap, two of ICANN’s hypothetical proposals begin with the statement, “Ordering, by some means …” and then go on to state that they don’t know precisely what those means might be.  Since they’re still uncertain, I happen to have a suggestion …

According to dot-nxt.com there are currently over 41 back-end registry providers already planning to serve the 1,400 or so newly applied for TLDs.

What ICANN should consider is to allot a certain number of ‘entries’ to each of the 41 plus registry operators, and allow them the liberty of delegating those entries out to their respective TLD clients, effectively lifting the entire burden of metering off of ICANN and placing it on the registry providers instead.

Further, the method I propose for distributing the coveted entries is by placing a select number of Golden Tickets into the wrapping of specially-made chocolate bars, dubbed ICANNDY.

For the lucky recipients of a Golden Ticket, aside from jumping to the front of the TLD metering line, applicants would also be privileged to enjoy an extended tour of ICANN’s TLD Factory, where oompa-loompas spend each day sifting through mountains of complex domain policy from cubicles made of chocolate and caramel.

Ordering, by some means, the delegation of Golden Tickets by the registry providers would still need to be determined.  Fortunately they may opt to rely on community feedback to figure this out.

Although I normally charge $2,500/hr for TLD Consulting, I am happy to offer this advice to ICANN for free as a service to the community.  Registry operators, you may thank me later. (preferably with delicious rumcakes).


Thanks to DomainGang for providing the tasty infographic.

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