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New Automated Domain Appraisal Site Is Old Hat

October 24, 2012

Clearing out my Spam folder this  morning I found an email from a sender, Domain Purchase.  The subject line of the email referenced a domain I had just registered last week. Had I struck gold so quickly?

On the off chance that this was an actual inquiry on one of my domains I did not want to miss an opportunity and opened the email to investigate further.

It turns out the sender did not have an interest in buying my domain, but rather in promoting their automated domain appraisal site, DomainEstimator.co.  Although its been registered since 2011, I have no idea how long the site has been in operation, so its a new one for me.

Although I found the email tactic a bit deceptive and spammy I had to click over to the site to see whether they are actually doing anything innovative in the automated appraisal world.  If nothing else I knew it may provide some good fodder for a blog post.

So I gave their system the old college try.  My domain that was referenced in the email which I had just purchased recently estimated at around $9.  Okay, did I buy pigeon shit?

Next test:  I entered a domain that I sold last week at Sedo for $900.  The result also came back at a whopping $9 valuation.  Now I don’t feel so bad about the first domain.

On to the next test: I entered Sex.com.  This time the appraised estimate showed around $13 Million.  If I’m not mistaken, this is the documented price that Sex.com actually sold for.

As far as I’m aware other automated appraisal systems such as Estibot do pull actual sales numbers for domains that have previously sold and been publicly reported, so this is nothing new.

DomainEstimator does offer some other info that may be useful such as nameservers, whois, traffic stats from Compete.com, etc, but again for the most part none of this to my knowledge is a differentiation from other popular automated appraisal tools, or other domain tools in general.

Nonetheless I think its good to see people trying to bring new products and services to market in the domain industry.  Competition is a good thing (unless we’re talking about domains on my watchlist.) I would encourage the owners to dig deeper.

Additionally, if the owner of DomainEstimator.co really wants to promote their site they should try taking out an ad on Domaining.com (or my blog for that matter). Mining recent domain registrations to send through automated spam to attract new visitors is probably sending the wrong message and will alienate most of the domain owners they’re trying to target..

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