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New Domain Forum Launched At LeasingDomains.com

March 20, 2013

By now its no secret that leasing domains is all the rage in 2013, what with the advent of the Domain King‘s JointVentures.com leading the stampede.

As Ron Jackson, editor of DNJournal recently commented, “While it is true that there is nothing new about domain leasing, in the decade I’ve spent in this industry I’ve never seen interest in leasing higher than it is right now”

Today I received notice that a new domain forum devoted exclusively to discussion on domain leasing has just been launched on the apropos LeasingDomains.com

The member count is currently a modest 12 in total, so there isn’t much to see there yet, but that may change as interest in domain leasing continues to mount.

Out of curiosity I performed a search on the keyword combination leasing domains in Google, and just within the top 10 results I was quite surprised to find at least five websites I’d never heard of offering domain leasing or related services …

Domain | Title Tag

  • LeaseMy.com | The Place to Lease a Domain
  • LeaseThis.com | Lease or Rent a Domain Name
  • ClickLeasing.com | Domain Leasing, Online Marketing, Online Investments, Lease a …
  • AmericanDomainLeasing.com | American Domain Name Leasing
  • GoForThe.com | GoForThe.com Premium Domain Leasing Service – Lease Domain …

I have no idea how long these websites/companies have been around or whether they’ve just sprung up overnight, but it’s certainly fascinating how the domain sales landscape seems to be affected of late by the prospect of leasing.

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