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New Owner Of Feni.com is Bigfoot

June 6, 2010

I spotted the sale of Feni.com on the latest DNJournal Sales report with interest.  The domain sold by Latonas  for $3,000 at the recent T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Milan auction. I think the buyer got a nice deal.

You might look at Feni.com as a nice pronounceable 4-letter .com domain, of the web 2.0 kind, but Feni is more than just that. Feni is a product, specifically a type of liquor from a region in India called Goa, better known as Goan Feni.

Goan Feni

Goan Feni

Many of my best friends are Goan, so I’ve got some first hand experience here.  I can tell you that this drink is potent. One whiff of an open bottle from across the room is nearly enough to make me whoozy.

Whois shows the new owner of the domain as NextEngine Ventures, LLC, under the Bigfoot Group parent company (bigfoot.com).

Bigfoot (not the sasquatch, sorry folks) is a company with a global reach with offices around the world. They appear  to have started in the entertainment industry, developing, producing and distributing for film, and now also encompasses real estate property investing and venture capital, as well as domain investing we now guess.

This is not the first time I’ve run across their brand. Last fall they purchased Skidders.com and Skidders.net (also from a Latonas auction).  I had offered them my Skidders.org to complete the triumvirate, to which they declined.  (Note I still have Skidders.org along with Skidder.org for sale as of this writing.)

I am curious to see whether and how Feni.com is developed, or whether Bigfoot Corp. has acquired the domain to hold as an investment.

They use quite an interesting landing page.  You can see the same lander on both Feni.com and Skidders.com. Their content is pulled from iStudio.com, another Bigfoot property, which I’d guess is tied to their film studio. In any case they don’t appear to be monetizing the domains, except for sending traffic to iStudio.

This is just one of many interesting back stories you are likely to run across when researching domains, and the companies that invest in them. Just one of the reasons I love the domain industry..

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