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Opportunity Is Everywhere To Those Who Are Attentive

January 11, 2010

Opportunities to market your business are everywhere. It all depends how creative you can get or how many stones you’re willing to turn over.

How many of you still get paper bills in the mail the old-school way?

If so you may take it for granted that those bills and invoices in the mail come stuffed with product brochures, coupons, and special offers aimed to upsell and cross-promote other products and services.

Now I have heard before about people who will respond to credit card offers by returning the postage paid envelope stuffed with color circulars and grocery store coupons that they also received in the same days mail. I have to admit this is quite funny to me.

While thinking about this one day it struck me that I could apply a similar concept to my monthly bills, and I decided that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

I decided to enclose each bill that I return with a couple of my business cards.

marketing cycle: marketing out; marketing in

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not targeted marketing, and it’s a relatively benign example.

Will this trick ever result in the sale of a domain name or a new client for a website or marketing gig? I don’t know, doubtful I suppose.

Will it result in an additional half dozen curious new visitors to my websites each month, and the possibility of some additional WOM? Probably more realistic.

Morever for the extra two seconds and few cents it takes to stuff those two business cards into my monthly payments it gives me a good feeling that I’m doing just a little bit extra to let more people know about my business.

The point of the matter is if you are attentive to everyday life you will find opportunities around every corner, whether small or large.

So if you’re hungry, my advice is to always be attentive to the things that are close at hand and you may stumble on fresh new ways to market yourself or your business.

Now I’m off to a sushi restaurant for the first time in ages. That reminds me, I own FiveStarSushi.com – hmmm….

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