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Peering Into My Crystal Ball

January 27, 2011

A peek into the future at what this year’s GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial will look like

I LOVE to make predictions. I also love to be right about them, which of course doesn’t always happen.  Really the point is in conducting the mental exercise in trying to read the future.  That’s what we do, after all, when we speculate.

Super Bowl XLV logoWith just 10 days to go until the Big Game – Super Bowl XLV – never mind who will win.  I actually find myself speculating more about the this year’s GoDaddy commercial.

GoDaddy will no doubt continue it’s Super Bowl tradition of  “shock and awe” with it’s attractive and often scantily-clad spokesmodels. But what I’m more hotly anticipating is that this year’s spot will feature a promotion of the new Dot Co extension.

I’m sure that the executives behind this 7-figure advertising spot have put this thing through the ringer and I can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with.  My initial predictions are that:

  • Dot Co and Dot Com will be featured side-by-side.  I believe that juxtaposing the two is vital because you have to bring both names into the consciousness at the same time. This will allow the average Joe Public who has never heard of Dot Co and only knows Dot Com, to make the key distinguishment.
  • The commercial will involve two GoDaddy girls: one to represent Dot Com, the other to represent Dot Co.
  • There will not be a clear winner, but there will be a clear alternative.  That is to say, neither Dot Co nor Dot Com will be presented as being better than the other, but Dot Co will be flaunted.
  • The day of the Super Bowl, and for some days following, GoDaddy will make Dot Co the default extension in the domain search bar. (They previously tested this for a single day in late 2010.)

Those are my initial predictions.  Now I have to admit that just after putting these thoughts down I decided to do  some detective work.  It seems GoDaddy had put out a press release on 1/11/11 with more intimate details on the upcoming commercial.  Let’s see how they compare to my predictions …

This year though, Bob Parsons is promising a BIG surprise with Go Daddy’s Super Bowl campaign. Parsons says Go Daddy will unveil its first-ever GoDaddy.CO Girl in one of its two Super Bowl spots …

The new GoDaddy.CO Girl has agreed to keep her identity secret. In the commercial “unveiling,” Go Daddy Girls Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels have roles introducing their new colleague.

Godaddy So it seems I am right in that there will be more than one GoDaddy girl, and that one will be representing DotCo.  However it seems there will in fact be three girls, rather than two, and it is not clear that the commercial will seek to have the two extensions rivaling it out as I’ve suggested.

Speaking on the identity of the new GoDaddy girl, Bob Parson’s had this to say,

“We are going to out-Go Daddy ourselves with this one,” Parsons declared. “Who is she? I can tell you our new Go Daddy dotCO Girl is a big name – she’s iconic, she’s edgy, she’s off the hook funny and as long as I don’t talk too much, I think most everyone will be absolutely shocked!”

“Our new Go Daddy dotCO Girl is already a big name, but after this Super Bowl commercial, she’s going to be in a whole new realm.”

As to the identity of the new GoDaddy Girl, we have the following data to go on:

  • iconic
  • edgy
  • ‘off the hook’ funny
  • already a big name (but not an A-lister, yet)

Who could it be? Any guesses?  Can you read the future?.

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