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Pending Delete Domain Assigned the Wrong Drop Date At Namejet Today

June 27, 2014

This morning I was going to put in a back order at Namejet for AppDevelopment.org, a domain that I believed to be dropping from the registry today.

When I headed over to Namejet to register the back order, I was surprised to see that there was (and still is) a day left until closing time, indicating that the domain was not dropping until tomorrow.

I assumed that I must have gotten the date wrong myself, when originally adding the domain to my drop list.  So I went back and moved the name over to my list for tomorrow.

Surprisingly, later that morning I received an email notification from Name.com’s Domain Nabber service, where I had already put in a backorder for the same domain a few days ago.  The notification was the stock apology stating they had been unsuccessful in catching the name.

So it turned out that the name actually did drop this morning, and was in fact caught by SnapNames.  I would have normally put in a back order there too, but was dissuaded from doing so once I saw the closing date at Namejet was not until tomorrow.  I automatically presumed that Namejet wouldn’t have been wrong, because these systems are all automated, right?  I should have double checked.

I reached out to Namejet about the issue through a support ticket, and received the following explanation.

The date that we list is the date that we received from the Registry, so we are unsure as to why they released the domain a day early.

At this time, there is nothing that we can do for the domain at this time since the domain has already been acquired, however we will be reaching out to the Registry to see why they provided us the incorrect date.

I looked back at Namejet’s pending delete list which I already had a copy of, and they are correct.  That domain does not appear in their list of deleting domains for today (June 27).

This is odd though, because when I was originally building my list, I was working off data from another drop service, which did have the correct date, and thus why I had it right to begin with.

So I am not sure where along the line this error occurred.  Apparently one service pulled the correct data from PIR (the .org registry), but in the case of Namejet, the domain either did not receive or was not assigned the correct date for some reason.

Have you ever experienced this before with any of the drop services?

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