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Personalized Banner Ads on Linkedin, Plus Their Lead Builder Tool Really Rocks

February 22, 2012

personalized banner ad

While browsing someone’s LinkedIn profile this morning I was surprised to see my own profile pic turn up in a banner ad on the sidebar.  I have to admit its pretty awesome. And yes, that’s my ugly mug there in the Aveo job ad.

This is the first I’ve seen this type of advertising enrichment done.  I believe it’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how ads will become more and more personalized in the near future.

The banner did appear on the profile page of an Aveo Pharmaceuticals employee (see below), and I didn’t see the same ad appear on any other profile pages I visited today, which makes me wonder about the potential legalities of something like this being more widely adopted across other platforms such as Facebook ads, or for use in contextual ad networks across the web.

Hmm, my agent said nothing about modeling for Aveo ...

While I do think this banner ad technique is pretty cool, I still hope the future doesn’t turn all Minority Report.

On another note, LinkedIn is offering a free month’s trial of their LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

I decided to sign up yesterday and I have to say that some of the features are really nice.  One in particular is the Lead Builder.  It gives you the ability to narrow a search of LinkedIn users to identify key decision makers literally within seconds, according any of a number of parameters which you can drill down on (geography, company size, industry, role, etc.).

That coupled with the ability to send inmail, could make this a very nice tool for domain brokers and premium domain owners to reach out to potential end-users.

Here’s the description from their promo:

Supercharge your sales pipeline and close deals faster with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, the newest addition to our Premium accounts. Start today and get 1 month free!

LinkedIn Sales Navigator includes exclusive premium features like:

  • InMail: Contact anyone on LinkedIn without an introduction – response guaranteed!**
  • Lead Builder: Build targeted prospect lists in minutes with premium search filters.
  • Expanded Profile Views: See expanded profiles of everyone on LinkedIn, even people outside of your network.

You’ll also get a lot more including up to 700 profiles per search

If you decide to sign up for the trial I’d love to hear if you have any success with it, and whether you’d think it’s worth renewing after the 1st month.

Thanks for reading as always..

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