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Picks for DomainFest 2010 Extended Online Auction

February 3, 2010

During the course of the T.R.A.F.F.I.C live auction and the DomainFest live and no/low reserve auctions that took place over the past two weeks there was no shortage of coverage from domain blogs including many who offered their top picks or best bargains for each of the auctions.

However as I’ve noted over the last week no one seems to be covering the DomainFest 2010 Extended Online Auction which is now in progress and will be ending by mid day tomorrow. Perhaps all are still worn out from the many days and nights of conference attendence to give it attention.

It’s also true that the extended online auctions typically represent the leftovers that either did not sell or did not make it into the live auctions, and those investors that did attend the conferences may have maxed their budgets there.

Two problems with the DomainFest extended online auction that are readily apparent:

  1. the selection criteria was far too weak and there are a lot of garbage names, and on the flip side…
  2. a majority of the premium names are overpriced and have little to no chance of selling

This is really too bad because it hurts the overall auction and even those names that are worthwhile have a difficult time standing out.

To better illustrate, the low and no reserve auction that took place was a staggering success selling a solid 80% of its inventory. If similar attention was given to the extended auction, with a good majority of domains priced under $500 it would no doubt fare the better for it as well.

Instead it has all the makings of a rummage sale.

In any case, I’ve combed over the auction inventory and picked through the domains starting with the lowest reserve of $300 that are still without any bids, and that I think could be good buys at the minimum reserve, for investement and/or development potential. Here they are in no particular order:

  • BillingCompanies.com
  • CarListings.com
  • CheapBoatParts.com
  • ComputerStands.net
  • CoSigners.com
  • CostumeDesigning.com
  • CreditCardPaymentPlans.com
  • EnglishTranslators.com
  • HealthDiscountCards.com
  • InflammationTreatment.com
  • MbaDistanceLearning.com
  • MensJerseys.com
  • NebraskaLawyers.net
  • PayDayLoanConsolidation.com
  • PoolTableRepair.com
  • Requested.com
  • SquareTiles.com
  • StampCollectingAlbums.com
  • Stockpiled.com
  • StudentFinancialAssistance.com
  • SuperHdTv.com
  • Technician.info
  • TempStaffingAgencies.com
  • TennisShops.com
  • TrufflePaste.com
  • WirelessFaxMachine.com
  • ZeroInterestCreditCards.com

Let me know what your picks are. You can view the auction catalog in its entirety here.

(For the sake of transparency I’ll let you know that I do have two domains running in this auction, though none of the ones I’ve listed in this post)

Also I’ll throw in a plug for Latona’s online extended auction as well, which is also ending tomorrow. However I have not taken the opportunity to pick through that list, though I dont beleive there are as many deals to be had..

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