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Quick On the Draw, Domains Registered Upon News of ‘Ex-PATRIOT Act’

May 20, 2012

On May 17th, a new law was proposed called the ‘Ex-PATRIOT Act(“Expatriation Prevention by Abolishing Tax-Related Incentives for Offshore Tenancy” Act) that would affect people who decide to expatriate and renounce US Citizenship.

Apparently this bill was proposed in the wake of a recent announcement by Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin that he is renouncing his US citizenship which has been causing something of an uproar from mainstream media pundits.

Hat tip to SovereignMan.com where I first read about the propsed Ex-PATRIOT Act.

The same day that this proposed Ex-PATRIOT Act was announced, two alert individuals hoping to capitalize on the news registered the domains expatriotact.com and ex-patriotact.com. Both domains currently resolve to Go Daddy parked pages.

How much value these domains may have in the future will likely depend on how much notoriety the bill gains, and if or when it passes.  Certainly if it were to become as infamous as the PATRIOT Act, these domains could well be worth something.

Interestingly, the registrant of ex-patriotact.com is a New Zealand company called YieldQwest specializing in immigration and “helping Americans get established in business throughout the country.” They also own the domain HowToLeaveAmerica.com.

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