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Recent Domain Sightings: LoveThySandwich.com, FreakingHouse.com, & Pecans.com

June 12, 2013

For those of us involved in the craft of domaining, our brains tend to perk up when a domain crosses our path in the analog world, whether good, bad or ugly.  Here are a few examples of domains I’ve recently sighted in the wild that caught my attention …

LoveThySandwich.com – Over on the East Side I asked a colleague where to go for lunch one day and she recommended a place called Gourmands.  It’s a local pub that she informed me served good sandwiches and pub grub.  While there, perusing the menu, my eyes landed on their website address.  Of course I was expecting it to contain the actual name of their business somewhere in the domain.  Barring that, I might have not been so surprised to see instead, a generic term such as ‘AustinRestauarant.net’ or similar.

Assuming they either couldn’t obtain or couldn’t afford the exact-match Gourmands.com, and didn’t want a second-tier name such as GourmandsPub.com or Gourmands.info, they opted instead for something much catchier.  Frankly, Gourmands, I love thy domain.  It made me laugh out loud, literally, and I had no trouble recalling it long after I’d scarfed one of their sandwich’s and chased it down with a pint of Guinness.

FreakingHouse.com – Put this one right into the ‘catchy brandable’ bucket as well.  While at the doctor’s office (not to worry, I’m fine), in the waiting room the television suddenly blared a very in-your-face commercial about someone wanting to buy “any house, in any condition.”  It’s a shame I can’t find the actual commercial on YouTube, but suffice to say it ended with someone yelling the catch phrase pictured below, and flashing the domain FreakingHouse.com across the screen.

Freaking House

The reincarnation of Crazy Eddie?

Wisely, it looks like the same company also owns the variant FreakinHouse.com (freakin’).  That’s a good thing, too, because to be entirely honest, I’m not 100% sure whether the domain they advertised on their commercial was FreakingHouse.com or FreakinHouse.com.  If they only owned one or the other, I’m sure they’d be leaking traffic.

Pecans.com – Last, but certainly not least is this premium generic.  On the road this weekend I drove through a town called Goldthwaite Texas, population 1,846.  It was the kind of town it takes about 30 seconds to drive through the center of. So you can imagine the heavy double-take I did as I passed a large billboard at the edge of town directing passersby to the Pecans.com shop.

It was almost incredulous to me that a small retail shop virtually in the middle of nowhere was operating on such a flagship domain. Unfortunately I didn’t stop to snap a photo, but I managed to dig up another very similar one plastered across a truck trailer, to give you an idea.  Though, it turns out they do have an online store as well, and I have to surmise it must draw them more traffic online than actual traffic to the town of Goldthwaite.  So if you don’t actually have time to visit Goldthwaite Texas yourself, you can still get some of Cousin Ruby’s “To Die For” Pecan Cobbler for only $17.99. That’s the beauty of online business. It can be operated from anywhere in the world, and you can sell globally.


Cousin Ruby’s big rig

Have you seen any domains lately with a story behind them?  Do share.

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